2015 Toyota Hilux

2015 Toyota Hilux will have some significant design changes, both in the interior and exterior of the vehicle. Since its original inception, back in 2005, the vehicle has undergone only slight design changes over the years, but Toyota has decided that it is time for some significant changes in this vehicle.

2015 Toyota Hilux will have improved in many fields. First, the size of the cargo vehicles will be increased, and towing capacity. The latest Hilux will now be able to drag up to three tonnes, while the cargo size will increase and will be able to provide more space than ever before. In addition, this vehicle is designed to handle different types of landscapes, all types are. Snow, rain, high winds, extreme heat, or ice conditions, 2015 Toyota Hilux is ready to handle the weather. The focus of the 2015 Hilux designer is to create a combination of increased power and towing capacity, while making high-class vehicle. This improved design will create a new Hilux is more fun and desirable for the future owner. The machine will face some new specs as well. Because the new guidelines designed by Toyota, there will be a new level of reduction of carbon dioxide emissions, and higher efficiency of the way that the machine operates. It will continue to be a strong song, with all-wheel drive, but it will be designed to improve the economy and efficiency.

New 2015 Toyota Hilux we will get a different look to the exterior. It will include a different look for the grill in front of the vehicle, and changes to the head and tail-lights. The suspension has been redesigned to reduce noise and vibration of the vehicle such as the drive, using the newly designed shock absorbers. Inside the vehicle, there is a new climate control system that has been added to make the trip more comfortable for the driver and passengers. The seats will be padded with a new natural skin, while a new, easy to use, touch screen will make it easier for the driver to operate the vehicle. Vehicle towing capacity has increased from around £ 5000, £ 6500 for a more active and passive safety features have also been improved in the vehicle. It is expected that the price of the 2015 Toyota Hilux will not exceed $ 40,000, while the starting price would be about $ 20 000. The release is expected this fall, but the Toyota officials did not disclose the exact date.

2015 Toyota Fortuner

2015 Toyota Fortuner will most likely be sold mainly in the Asian market, according to industry analysts. Although popular class SUV, will most likely not find its way into the European market and the West. 2015 Toyota Fortuner will have a completely new designed for his seat, the design of the control framework, and controls for setting the vehicle itself. There is also a new edition to the blue tooth connection, means that the programmed lights, sound system, to include a touch screen in the vehicle, I-pod connectivity and smart phones, as well as to use the control panel by the driver.

There will be other important overhaul the way the 2015 Toyota Fortuner designed. We will measure will increase to 17 inches, and the mirror will now be manufactured using chrome metal. In addition, the steel will now be the metal to be used in the next assessment, which ensures that there will be less chance of rusty a. Front bumper will have the appearance of a new design, and corner bumpers will now include built in fog lights. On each side of the mirror, positioned blinkers will now appear, warning the driver if the danger had been too long. 2015 Toyota Fortuner will have a 2.7L engine, and is designed for long trips. The2015 Toyota Fortuner will have a choice of three main engines. This will give drivers the opportunity for fuel efficiency greater, and smooth. Information about the 2015 Toyota Fortuner price is not available at this time, and it should be available after August 2014.

Interior 2015 Toyota Fortuner gets improved as well. The floor will now be covered with black carpet, and seats will no longer be available in ivory skin. The whole design of the vehicle will be focused on the color black with red accents. Seating space between the front and rear are now going to increase, and there will be extra space between the seat and the roof, providing greater headroom for passengers. For drivers, Bluetooth technology has improved, providing greater efficiency to connect to the vehicle itself. The touch screen has been enhanced to provide easier access to driver control and data they need. In addition, a rearview camera has been added to the 2015 Toyota Fortuner to help the driver while backing up.

2015 Suzuki Grand Vitara

It has been anticipated that the Suzuki IV-4 Concept will change the serial system. However, companies utilize this concept to restore the other models. 2015 Suzuki Grand Vitara will be redesigned on the model of the idea. Presentation of the fourth generation, rather forget Model Grand Vitara, also known as the Suzuki Escudo, anticipated during 2014. While all other manufacturers flocked to the US market, Suzuki is determined to provide design features in all other fields. Grand Vitara is one of Suzuki models that result very first recorded in America. This model will be based on the idea of ​​IV-4. And, as such, is soon back on the scene. After 8 years of the end of the presentation, the Suzuki Grand Vitara just two temporary facelift.

The test specimen 2015 Suzuki Grand Vitara is much more than disguised. Absolute most striking of Suzuki IV-4 idea, which remains to be seen, and these cars. They are sleek, light angle, the rear wheel arches and statues of the D-pillars slanted. The idea of ​​2013 has been marked as the best business generally Crossover Suzuki. Using fundamental and overall performance characteristics of the ideas, the Grand Vitara in 2015 should not be less good. Suzuki may not be a novice in the business of manufacturing crossover models. In addition, knowledge of 45 years, can create a brand new Grand Vitara 2015 better than ever before.

Model Grand Vitara is offered as a compact SUV and off-road vehicles. Under the motto "Take your field" Suzuki IV-4 introduces the idea of ​​all the opportunities provided by a combination of off-road performance and the overall design of the city SUV. One thing that is comparable anticipated in the brand new generation Vitara models. The device drives mentioned the idea, in the 2015 Grand Vitara example that may not have anticipated explanation. Present Model Suzuki Grand Vitara comes with 6 engines: five petrol and one diesel. Two new motor, has been added back in 2008. They are a 2.4L 4-cylinder engine with 164 hp and 166 lb.-ft. torque. The new brand is a 3.2L V6 engine with 221 hp and 209 capabilities lb.-ft. torque. Future 4WD technology, understood as ALLGRIP drive will surely equipment component models.

Is Grand Vitara 2015 will be launched with the name or as a 2015 Model Escudo still unknown. Also the title of a new generation dubious. The information will be available during 2014, should check company reports. One of them shows that the 2015 Suzuki Grand Vitara will be brand new, contemporary, Crossover really ready. Lightest models on the way, with the lowest fuel consumption and low CO2 emissions.